Our menu at the White Horse has been carefully created to provide a variety of dishes using only the finest of ingredients. Traditional Greek recipes dating many years are used to ensure that the food presented is authentic and gives you a real taste of Cyprus. Sue and her family have a rich history in the restaurant trade and this together with Sue’s passion and knowledge of Greek food has helped her and her chef create a tantalising menu with food to please. Why not try the Cypriot potatoes cooked with fresh herbs and tomatoes or the moussaka with fresh mince cooked with herbs and just a few spices, with vegetables and finished with the home made creamy sauce. No meal of course is complete without a traditional Greek salad with feta cheese, olives and then dressed with olive oil and lemon.

The White Horse of course offers traditional pub classics such as the burger, steak and chips. The burgers are freshly prepared and the chips are Cyprus potatoes pealed, chopped and simply fried. We also cater for vegetarians, we have on offer the vegetarian moussaka and why not try the Halloumi burger.

No meal would be complete without a beautiful bottle of wine. We have an extensive range of drinks, including ales, whisky, brandy, liqueurs, spirits, soft drinks and cocktails. Here at the White Horse we are proud to serve deliciously, smooth and aromatic freshly ground coffee.

Remember to leave room for desert as who could resist the sweet and satisfying taste of a Greek baklava made with filo pastry and crushed nuts topped with our syrup. Or why not try a luxurious slice of melted chocolate fudge cake with delicious ice cream. How about a slice of cheesecake, or gateaux or even our locally famous homemade chocolate biscuit cake.

Let’s not forget the children, we are a family friendly restaurant and there is a children’s menu offering dishes such as the classic pasta, chicken nuggets and chips. Drinks include fruits shoots, squash and juice.

We look forward to welcoming you, your friends and family at the White Horse Free House. We have below provided a link to our food menu and also our drinks menu.